Moments Create Stories



Stories are passed everyday between people. They help society communicate and grow. Stories are the interpretations of life experiences. Taylor Krmac, a current student of Wollongong University, believes that “stories are moments that change or impact your life forever. Where you put your fears and feelings aside and jump.”

One story held close to Taylors heart is the one of his grandmother. Julie Krmac was born in Slovenia, a small country boarding Italy in Europe. At the age of eight her father was killed by Italian Fascists, during WWII. This lead to her mother leaving to live in Italy to look after their other property. Julie was left to look after her three younger brothers and with the boarders between Slovenia and Italy closed, she was completely alone.

The main story in Julie’s life that impacts Taylor was when Julie was 17 years of age. Her childhood sweetheart suggested that one night they should cross the boarder into Italy and flee to America. Julia agreed and organized in secret to pack up her belongings and illegally cross the boarder, leaving her brothers behind.

When it reach 8pm one night, when it was dark enough to not be notice, they set off on a 15km walk on their hands and knees. It took them several hours to reach the boarder after crawling the whole way through mud only praying to not be caught cause the consequence was death on the spot.

This one moment in Julie’s her fears and feeling had to be put aside, creating this incredible story. “This story means so much because if it wasn’t for the bravery of my grandmother and her childhood sweetheart, who turns out to be my granddad, I would not be standing here today,” stated Taylor. This story impacted him by the sheer passion and drive the two of them had for a better life.

Once they reach Italy they worked for 9 months saving enough money to purchase a ticket for a ship to America. By the time they saved enough money they had missed the ship to America and decided to relocate to Australia on a working ship called the Fairsea.

Once they arrived in Australia the couple was split with Julie being sent to work as a maid for a lawyer and Taylor’s grandfather to work in a concert factory. “They were spilt for a long period of time, but their love never died.”

Finally the two were reunited thanks to Julie’s bosses who heard her story and organized for the two to be together. “This story opens up my eyes to the world, the good and the bad parts. But it also shows me the love can survive anything. That kind of loves gives me hope,” stated Taylor.

Sadly last year Taylor’s grandfather past away, leaving Julie by herself. “She often talks about him and misses him, but she has also gone on with her life, living for the both of them.”


Entertainment intrigues the up and coming generation.

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The bright lights of the entertainment world captures the up and coming journalists of today’s society. The creativity or interpretation, or quiet simply being able to indulge in another person’s world is what grabs these young men and women of today’s generation.

Breanna O’Neill, a student of the university of Wollongong is currently undertaking a double degree in media and communications and journalism. “The entertainment industry brings so much intrigue and diversity into contemporary society,” is what lures Breanna into this world of glitz and glam. Not only does journalism provide Breanna with the opportunity for a diverse range of stories and people to report about, the entertainment world is full of them. With her passion being dancing, reading and her love for Disney, Breanna Feels she has found her true calling?

Another student at the University of Wollongong captured by the entertainment industry is Dylan Crismale. Dylan Crismale discovered his passion for entertainment during high school, where he attended Campbelltown Performing Arts High School, studying drama. Throughout his schooling years he loved to perform. this lead to the realization of writing about his interpretations of the performance world. “I’ve always admired creativity and creative people being involved in some way,” stated Dylan. “Writing for a website would actually be really great as well for including different media formats,” suggested Dylan, when he was asked where he would ideally like to write for. Internet world is where it is going.

Declan Arrighi is currently studying a bachelor of journalism and a bachelor of arts. Declan’s favorite celebrities at the moment is either Lena Dunham or Louis C.K, simply because “they try to present a relatable and real life aspects into their comedy.” Declan’s interest in the industry was evolved from his love for film making. Ideally Declan would love to become a director but knows how hard it is to succeed, so shy not write about his interpretations of other people stories. “Journalism can teach me the skills I need for storytelling.” Declans aim is the glitz and glam, the bright lights, because it holds the key to his passion.

Each student s captured by their own reasons, or inspired by their favorite celebrity, or simply their passion to tell and write about other peoples stories. From celebrity gossip to movie reviews, each time they are given the chance to enter another persons life for several minutes and interpretate their story , that is what drives them.

What drives you?

That single period of time first remembered. That moment that sticks in your mind. That figure that will forever be there. Your first memory that’s stuck. Every student creates their own memories, every student creates their first. Some from where they parked on first day, to the realisation that they could wear whatever they want. Some being in a lecture or experiencing Unibar on their first day. Everyone has a memory. What is yours?

Duck pond relaxation


Calm, still, tranquilizing. The surrounding nature of Wollongong University allow the stresses of studying to fade away. The comfort of the scenery allows your mind to wonder and easy the pressures of life. “I often come and sit by duck pond to relax,” stated Phillip a third year student at the university, “a coffee in my hand, allows me time away.” This is just one aspect of university life that eases the burden of studying. The trickle of the water and the simplicity nature, what more could we ask for?

Paige Braunstein

Life is this constant journey that we take. We develop and grow every step of the way. Some people find their happiness in travelling, others in working, while there are the ones that turn to studying. One student, Paige Braunstein takes her journey at the University of Wollongong. Originally planning to study phycology, Paige changed her mind at the last moment to endeavour into her passion for international studies and communication. Over the past first six weeks at University Paige has experienced and learnt different thing about herself already. This is her story.

Living on Campus

keiraview accomodation

The hassle in the morning of travelling endless hours on public transport or being stuck in the combustion of traffic is eliminated. This is all thanks to the operation provided by the University of Wollongong to live on Campus. Dylan Tomasi is currently living at Keiraview, located in Wollongong CBD, which provides not only his own room but a common room and kitchen which allows him to meet other university students as well.  “It has such a homely feeling, and my friends and I often hang in the courtyard,” said Dylan, “It also provides me with a job also, as the night guard.” “Living on campus defiantly has its benefits,” what do you think?

The University of Wollongong provides study for over 30,000 students. Over 30,000 students causes a problem for parking. Yes many catch public transport, live on campus or walk to university, but what about the other thousands that drive every day? The University provides parking, but not enough for all. Many students turn to the local streets to park, causing anger among local residents. The Illawarra mercury recently reported on this issue, so I decided to take it to the streets and see what the students of Wollongong University think the solution is. Leave a comment.

To Be Young Again!!!!

19 and free (self portrait, taken by Katie Shirtliff)

Sometimes the presses of life take you on a journey, that once you are aboard you no longer want to be part of. Summer O’Neill, a current student of Wollongong University, recently made the decision to leave her job at Target to for fill her dream of studying. “It was the pressure and hours, I wanted to be 19 again,” stated Summer that made her decision. “Sometimes life takes you place, and it’s great, but sometimes your original plan is what you should stick too.” Many teenagers struggle the same challenge,  whether to work full time of study. Which one is more important in our society?

Stress Vs Lesuire



From Cramp pack study, to the laid back life of University. Many students studying at the University of Wollongong are welcomed not only by an education but the social aspects of life needed in the future. “Uni bar allows me to relax and chill with friends,” said James, a current student at the University, who uses his free time to play pool and relax from the stresses of study. “Not only does it allow me to relax, but gives me time to regain focus on my degree.” Unibar allows students to leave their stresses behind and have a good old chat. Is socialising just as important as studying? Leave a comment below.